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The Taken

This maniac is not your typical one, instead of plain and simple murder, he prefers the method of incredibly complicated torture machines.

His goal is to make people value the gift of living-well, at least those who survive. He saw something in you and decided to make you his apprentice. However your devotion is yet to be tested the same and the only way he knows how to.

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Yelp Reviews

Element Quest
Based on 3 Reviews
Lisa G.
Lisa G.
2017-12-21 05:31:20
My friends and I had a blast escaping the room. The props were great and the puzzles challenging. The owner Bryan was extremely professional, helpful and...
Simone B.
Simone B.
2018-01-02 15:17:16
Really amazing escape room, great design, crafty puzzles, really well-thought out story line and game play!!! Stumbled upon this place while looking for...
Stephany S.
Stephany S.
2017-09-20 10:49:44
Decided to check this escape room out since it just opened for business, and since I've gone to all the other escape rooms in the area and it was really...