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  •   They cancelled 2 fully booked rooms the day of my reservations that cost ~$500, was told by Brian I would receive a refund and never did (had to dispute the charge weeks later with my bank eventually). Tried multiple times to contact him via text, calls, email and got no response or call back. Book with another company to avoid their shady practices.

    thumb debbie m.

      Decided to check this escape room out since it just opened for business, and since I've gone to
    all the other escape rooms in the area and it was really good and challenging compared to the other rooms I've previously did. I loved the challenge and made it out the rooms. This is one of my top escape rooms I've done. Good job to the owner telling all my friends about this one

    thumb Stephany S.

      This escape room was extremely fun and really focused on teamwork. This was our first escape room and proved more than challenging with little twists and turns along the way. The owner created the room himself, including all of the technology. He even showed us some other upcoming projects he is working on and was super nice and helpful! I can't wait for the next one to open! I will definitely be coming back 🙂

    thumb Nicolette T.
  •   Booking was easy and convenient great for last minute too.. The owner was super friendly and knowledgeable. Multiple rooms are also arriving in the near future. The room layout was spooky but not too scary. Good for small groups or large groups. rooms so well thought out was very modern electronic clue. Can't wait for the new room still open to go back.

    thumb Nicole T.

      First off the owner of this escape room is insanely sweet. He made us feel so welcome and comfortable because it immediately gives off a creepy vibe. My family looked at each other as though we walked into our own murders without thinking. But it was super fun. Amazingly he built this place from scratch and the puzzle was all his idea. It was extremely impressive and also difficult. I mean who really wants to escape a room in twenty minutes? If you want a challenge this a great place to try. The visuals and the interactions were pretty cool. A bit too scary for me because I did have 911 on speed dial but it was so worth checking this room out and I'm so happy I did. Thanks for an amazing hour that I got to spend with my family. Keep it up you at truly talented.

    thumb Racquel N.

      Absolutely loved The Taken. A must try. Very immersive, challenging and fun. Bryan is a doll. Will definitely be going back to try other rooms. Thank you for a fabulous experience.

    thumb Cathy D.
  •   My friends and I had a blast escaping the room.  The props were great and the puzzles challenging.  The owner Bryan was extremely professional, helpful and nice!  Looking forward to a second room at this venue.

    thumb Lisa G.

      Escape room #67

    Simply, I had a great time! The room setup was very well done and immersive; from the time we entered the room until we escaped, the tension was high. Cooperation is key for this room as you are split up when you start. It is very easy to lose sight of your goal and l lose precious minutes from the quick 60 you are given.

    The puzzles were fun, unique, and challenging. The game master told us a few puzzles were altered since opening and I'm very happy they were! They require physical gestures similar to things you may see in a horror movie franchise (you figure it out). Also, I've never been told I was going to have to break an item during the course of our escape (Yippee!!)

    There were only a few drawbacks for me.
    1) I wish we were blindfolded going into the rooms. This would have added to the suspense when we take them off and see for the first time where we've been taken.
    2) The game master had to come in and provide a tool that was either not placed during set up or taken by the previous group.
    3) While I appreciate the guidance, clues should be reserved for those times when someone asks for them.

    Despite the long trek to get there from Manhattan, I WILL be back when more rooms open! A very solid start to a new company!

    "Taken" is currently the only room available at this location.

    thumb Brandon F.

      I went on a recommendation from a friend, I've only done one other escape room place before. Element quest really had their stuff together!! The background music to add to the experience, the props, everything looked well done.  Some parts were a little tough but with some clues and just putting things together we were able to make it through  afterwards the owner gave us a full tour of the place...talked about his experiences with escape rooms, you could tell he's in it to make it as fun as possible. Also was extremely open to suggestions and ideas to make things better.  Overall we had a great time and a fun "quest".

    thumb Randy L.
  •   I went there with friends yesterday and had a great time. The idea is great and the room is well designed. We did need some help from Bryan and got out with 7m left. Looking forward to getting back for the new room and will recommmend it to all my friends.

    Good Job, Bryan.

    thumb Jeff X.

      They were awesome, and the room was well designed. Puzzles were fun and interactive. I was scared out of my mind and it was perfect for a night out with a friend. We made it out with 8 minutes to spare, but we definitely needed help with some clues. I'll definitely go back when they open their second room. Some of the nicest people ever. Definitely worth the visit!

    thumb Brittney D.

      My friends and I had a blast doing "The Taken" themed escape room. This was the first time I tried it and it was challenging but super fun. The owner Brian was incredibly friendly and let us stay past the time we paid for. My wife even left her cell phone and he flagged us down to return it. I am looking forward to seeing the new sets he is working on and will definitely be back. 5 star overall experience!

    thumb Benjamin P.