The Perks of Taking the Office to an Escape Game

The Perks of Taking the Office to an Escape Game

Perks of Taking the Office to an Escape Game

It all starts with a boring morning at work. The week is almost over and you’re almost done with the work you’ve been assigned for the day.

Whenever your boss passes by, you try to look busy. Making paper planes and throwing them at the nearest coworker, you wonder what you’ll have for lunch.

Suddenly, your boss comes in with an announcement; there’s going to be a corporate event next month!

Everyone is invited and everyone has to participate in the event. You’re required to pitch in ideas to make the day a blast. Sounds fun and exciting, right?

Except you have no idea what to suggest. How do you make corporate events fun? Scavenger hunts? Singing competitions? That sounds too childish.

You need something that can appeal to adults and spruce up the event.

This is where escape rooms steal the spotlight!

Escape games are not only fun and adventurous; they can also be beneficial to your team. Here’s how:

It’s Great for Team-Building

With a busy schedule, it can be difficult getting to know all your coworkers. That new recruit that you feel bad about not talking to? Well, you no longer need to feel guilty.

Thanks to the way escape games are designed, everyone gets to participate!

Not only will you get to know your coworkers, working with them to find clues will help you understand them better and this will make working with them easier.

Furthermore, studies show that happier employees are more productive. All the more reason to book one!

It Saves You Money

Instead of planning out an entire activity and finding different games to play, an escape room helps save costs.

Since escape rooms are popular with corporate events and office parties, some agencies even offer discounts! So that’s killing two birds with one stone: fun and budget-friendly.

It Helps Assess Each Member

One of the perks of booking an escape room is that you can assess the strengths and weaknesses of each team member.

You find out which team members are quick-thinkers, who work well with others, and who are great with stressful situations.

Escape rooms come with different themes and each theme has its own challenges. You’ll be able to find out how different coworkers handle different situations. You’ll also be able to analyze your own strengths and weaknesses!

You Learn Something New

This is the best reason to play an escape game! You learn something new. Your critical thinking skills are put to the ultimate test.

It helps you acquire knowledge, and grow as an individual. You gain new perspectives and you find new ways to solves and tackle different situations.

The things you learn can be applied to your professional life as well.  In fact, studies show that individuals who play games are better learners. They’re able to adapt to change and quickly learn new skills required to survive.

Escape rooms help break away from routine, and are something fun and exciting to look forward to. They can transform any event into an adventure.

If you’re planning to book an escape room New York for your office event, we at Element Quest can help you make the most of it! With fun, stimulating, and thrilling escape rooms, we offer a gripping experience for every individual!

Book adventure rooms NYC or feel free to contact us to learn more.

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